Thursday, October 28, 2010

My poor, poor, precious laptop of mine, that was my life, is broken. That thing went EVERYWHERE with me...I was never without it. Woke up Sunday morning, so excited to check blogs and drink coffee in bed, only to be disappointed and thrown into a raging fit (it wasn't very cute, or fashionable). Past four years on that done now. I know my hard drive hasn't crashed (probably a broken logic board), which means I might be able to get all my photos and etc. off of it...sad thing is was that next week I was going to go buy an external hard drive. Learn from me and back that thing up ASAP!! Anyways, for that reason posting may be a bit slower...arrrggghh! I guess this whole post is just a bit of an "fyi". Maybe I should stop rambling now... I leave you with this photo that I find inspiring (uhh want those shoes...)

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