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Saturday, October 29, 2016

I'm constantly trying to edit my wardrobe into my "dream" closet but it always seem a few steps away from my grasp. Lately I've been trying to use my tumblr (aka mood board) to achieve this. What does it translate to? Pink, beige, black, denim... Romantic blouses, some prints such as gingham, ribbed knits, a-line skirts, fitted denim. A few outlier pieces are allowed, for example an oversized flannel (but only in the right print). I suppose just an overall feminine feel.

It's hard to put yourself into a box but I think this will help my sewing. At the very least it will help narrow down my fabric selections! I've started two Archer shirts by Grainline Studio but made two very rookie mistakes. Accidentally threw away a button band for the solid version & cut a pattern piece backwards on the plaid version. I already made the second trip back to the fabric store and will hopefully finish up the plaid version early next week! 

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