Friday, August 23, 2013

Ah, here we have my outfit for tonights event of the opening of Emma Janes new store in La Jolla! Their other location is tucked next to my favorite Japanese restaurant in Mission Hills (which I frequent very often), so I was curious to check out the new location! More on the new store on this upcoming Tuesday, so keep your eyes peeled (use caution) for that post! 

I love this ASOS blouse due to obvious reasons such as color, material...the batwings too. Batwings are important.


  1. I like your top and boots very much!

  2. Love your top! Your boots are great too, I love ankle boots and shorts :-) x

  3. The shirt is really adorable!


  4. Love the outfit! The boots are so cute!

  5. You're absolutely adorable! I wish I had the style sense you have at your age. Just beautiful.


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