Thursday, August 28, 2014

nail stamping

nail stamping

Okay, so I'm kind of crazy about nail art. A couple months ago I stopped getting acrylic tips on my nails and I have been trying to grow my own out. It has been a process waiting for the damaged nails to grow but they finally have! I often like striped and polka dot nails but it's difficult to paint them evenly, so I finally broke down and purchased a nail stamping kit. I love it! I figured I'd share this because I feel like the nail stamper is the coolest thing ever. Even stripes? No problem. Pretty hearts? Done. I think I'll try a more simple look next time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

summer evenings

DIY purse, Zara top, BDG jean shorts, Madewell bracelet, Steve Madden flats

Warm summer nights are still around, but I wore this sweater anyways. Currently I'm really missing being able to layer, but I'm sure that as soon as those days roll around I'll be missing summer. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

by the train

If you have ever made your way to downtown La Mesa then you certainly have seen this train. I'd love to go back and shoot a more...train appropriate outfit so that is on my list. Wore this look around town in my fancy new ASOS oxfords. They surprisingly pair well with more items in my closet than I had originally thought. And they were on sale.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

school vibes

H&M Loafers, Madewell top & purse, Levi jeans, BaubleBar earrings

I almost missed the sunlight on this outfit post. This is the last week of summer before school starts on Tuesday and I have been feeling rather...sleepy. So after a day of running errands, I was only going to lay on my bed and check my phone for a moment. But then I fell asleep. So there you have the story behind this outfit. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

sewing adventures: the camisole

diy camisole
diy camisole
diy camisole
diy camisole
diy camisole
DIY top (burdastyle pattern here), BDG jean shorts, DIY purse, Raen sunglasses, Target boots, Gorjana cuff (c/o)

Do you recognize this camisole? The sewing pattern for this camisole is actually a slip dress that I heavily cropped. You can see the dress version here. I've had this fabric for about three years? A long time ago I bought the fabric to make a romper but I couldn't figure out the sewing pattern that I had bought. The directions were confusing so I just gave up. That failed project left me with some scraps that I wasn't quite sure what to do with. But that's a major problem with my fabric stash, I have a huge bin full of fabric that is just scraps. I don't know why but I usually don't make shirts, so I suppose tops are on my list sewing. 

I needed a camisole that is easy to throw on with anything but is also lightweight for this heat that we currently have. I love pairing blush tones with gold and denim. Well, let's be honest...I'll pair anything with gold and denim. I used to love the overly stacked wrist combinations but I'm into more minimal pieces as of now, such as this Gorjana cuff.  I think the best part though is being able to wear multiple pieces that you have created. The most satisfying part, for sure.

Monday, August 4, 2014

diy long chain pearl earrings

diy pearl earrings
DIY top & pearl earrings

The post on this top that I recently sewed is queued up but I figured I'd take some time to talk earrings. I put these earrings together super fast. Chanel inspired, yes. I didn't take any progress photos because this one is pretty self explanatory. Get your two pearls, some chain and some sort of stud to put through the ear. Slide a pin through your pearl and use pliers to create a round closure, this is so that the chain can be attached to the pearl. Then attach the chain to the pearl and to the top of the earring using jump hoops. Taadaa!

 I'm actually really interested in making some ear jackets so maybe that will be my next DIY project. But that might involve soldering for the type that I'm going for. I suppose more on that later...