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Monday, December 27, 2010

(Cotton On Dress, Urban Outfitters Purse, Dolce Vita for Target shoes, Floppy hat from small store, LF thigh highs, Target tights, ph. by Brooke)

Ahh! A real post! Yesterday I stopped by LF with some friends and grabbed these knit thigh highs, and today I grabbed a floppy hat from some small store down town. So safe to say, I've had a pretty good past two days! Of course, the holidays were also much fun. Hope everyone else had a safe and fun past week as well!


  1. Jade, you are so beautiful. We have to go shopping sometime! p.s. who is your photographer? Your pictures are always so nice!

  2. this is amazing, love the outfit

  3. Hehe thanks you two! Paige, I have my sister Brooke take these photos for me with a Canon rebel xti :)

  4. aw you're so pretty :)
    cute outfit, and awesome pictures!

  5. just found your blog and love it <3
    also your style is really inspiring as well :)

    Ezgi xx

  6. ahhhhh i love your hat, been looking for one like that for ages!!!


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