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Monday, May 16, 2011

( H&M sunglasses & boots, Forever 21 Shorts, LF Socks, Random knit sweater)

Today I finally broke down and purchased the Fujifilm Instax after discovering the Polaroid I have always planned on using is broken (of course). But so far I'm enjoying this camera. I've only taken one photo with it because I hate to waste film. I think slowly I will become more and more obsessed with it. Speaking of being obsessed, I think I've worn these boots every single day since I purchased them. Comfy/slip resistant enough to wear to work is a plus in my book!


  1. oh my gosh! It's good to hear that these boots are comfy, I was at H/M this weekend and was going to buy them but I didn't :( Oh well. Anyway, you're looking adorable as always. I miss you Jade!

  2. great polaroid

    ♥ yamina

  3. Love love love your outfit! I need some boots like this but feel like I should be focusing on dresses and sandals now haha
    Lovely photos too :)

    Where Fashion Meets Fantasy x


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