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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Forever 21 necklace, Free People sweater, DL1961 jeans c/o , JC Litas

I was contacted by Alyssa of DKC Public Relations asking if I was interested in taking part of the Invista Lycra challenge. Lycra is a fabric that supposedly keeps your jeans fitting better for a longer amount of time. I will be testing these jeans to see how true that statement holds! With an 8 year old brother I think I can run around with him and see how much these jeans can take. I'm glad I got this pair, because it was about time for me to retire those BDG jeans I've had for quite some time. The fit is great too, so I'd recommend them at this point if you are looking for some new jeans. Thanks, DKC!


  1. Gotta love jeans with lycra! I also love the sweater/boot combo and the nice neutral hues. Happy holidays and happy new year Jade!

  2. I like your shoes!! :) And your sweater is lovely :)

  3. hey hey! love the necklace youre wearing!


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