sewing project #9: COS inspired dress

Friday, February 17, 2012

Self sewn dress, Call It Spring heels

And here we have the COS inspired dress. I'm pretty excited about it! I wasn't really expecting to find felted wool at my fabric store but they had this red color. I originally planned to do something a little bit more muted but I wanted to try making it in the same fabric of the COS dress. I didn't look very hard for a pattern, and I was eager to get started. Instead of hunting for the right pattern I found this Burdastyle Basic Bodice pattern and cropped it a bit. The skirt was pretty easy, just an a-line skirt. An easy google search taught me how to make those. Since the skirt on the dress starts pretty high up I figured I didn't need darts. Turned out pretty well!! I have another fabric that isn't as stiff as this one that I'm super excited to try. Such a rad feeling of being able to look at something and make it.


  1. lovely dress!


  2. the fabric doesn't look that stiff at all. i love this dress. you look amazing x

  3. Gorgeous dress! Came to visit your beautiful blog via Burdastyle...:) you should enter your red dress in the Pattern Review - Little Red Dress competition.... As it really is gorgeous!

  4. Wish I could sew the way you can! Great work! :)

  5. i can't believe you made that!!! looks so expensive...and AWESOME! <3
    Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  6. Oh wow!u look amazing .so creative u r:-)

  7. wow! i love this !! ♥

  8. Love your blog and style! New follower, x S.

  9. I must say you sure have talent and I respect one who uses their gift well. Your red dress is gorgeous!
    You reminded me of 1 of my friend who designs well and sew great too. She did a few apparels for me and I love them lots =)

  10. You look wonderful in that red dress. Great job!

  11. you look lovely and very chic :)

    just found your blog and I'm definitely following*


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