the diy fur collar

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fur collars have been around for a bit this season, and even though its March I decided to try and make one of them. I love to add texture to an outfit and figured I'd find use of my left over fabric from my faux fur jacket. My friends response: "Is that a scarf? A dead animal on your shoulders? It's a dead animal on your shoulders." Well, a definite faux fur collar that I'm making.

What you will need...

  1. Faux fur fabric. The amount will vary depending on the size of your scarf/collar.
  2. Lining fabric. I'm going to use china silk, this is optional, but a detail that can make a great difference in your project.
  3. Fabric cutting scissors.
  4. Paper & Normal scissors.
The first thing you need to do is determine the shape you want your scarf/collar to me. This is the shape I went with. Draw and cut out the paper, this way you can try on your paper paper and somewhat get an idea of what you want. After, cut that piece of paper in half. I did it this way so that I could make sure that I had the same thickness on each side.

Take this shape and trace it onto the back of your faux fur. I drew it out twice to make the complete original shape. It's not easy to cut faux fur, and you cannot cut on a fold.If you are worried about cutting the fur, google some faux fur cutting techniques. Don't go fast! Take it slow with small cuts so that you are only cutting the backing of the fabric, not the hair. If you are lining it with a different fabric, use the same paper pattern and cut it out in your other fabric. Don't forget your seam allowance!

Once you have the two cut out, in them to each other! There are other ways to line an item, but I did it this way so that the furs were still sticking out on the edges. Now sew! If you get little hairs stuck in the seams, its okay. Just gently take a comb and brush them out.

Now wear! Style it with a cute dress or over a leather jacket. I'm still looking into buying one that is a little bit thicker but this will be a fun little thing to mix into outfits. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. it's great! :)

  2. Great DIY! Going to have to try this :)

    Kirsti xx

  3. Wow that looks great!!
    S xx


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