DIY shorts in polka dots

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Self Sewn shorts (tutorial here!!), Call It Spring heels, A.N.A Sweater, Michael Kors watch, Sally Hansen Mint Spring nail polish

When working on my DIY shorts, this pair is mainly what I had my mind set on making, slightly inspired by a  Stone Cold Fox version. They kept me cool during the nice weather today...I also picked up some more fabric for another project that I'm off to start sewing right now!


  1. great job on the shorts! and really nice styling too, that's a great sweater!

  2. Love the shorts! Well done, and I love that sweater.

  3. Love those ones!! Now I can make myself some polka dot shorts instead of buying them. Yay! <3


  4. And with the effort you put in your shorts, it definitely showed a great result. It's a gorgeous shorts! Polka dots are always fun.

  5. u looks gorgeous! i just stumbled across ur blog and reaaaally love it, u've a great style and cool diy's!

    love from germany, xxx

  6. They're soo cute!!
    S xx


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