diy: the ankle bow-tie

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ankle straps in general are one of my favorite details on a shoe...I find them to be extremely chic. This DIY here shows you how I made my removable ankle bow straps, inspired by the Carven 2013 resort photos. This is a great little project if you are like me and have tons of fabric scraps from past projects! Essentially, we are making bow ties for our ankles. 
The inspiration:

What You'll Need
  1. Fabric! To make the ankle strap and the bow. It's best if the fabric is a little stiff so that you don't have a floppy bow.
  2. Eyelet hooks. This is for easy removal of the ankle straps.
  3. Needle and thread/ Sewing machine...for the obvious reasons.
I simply started by measuring my ankle, so that I knew what size to make my ankle strap. Super easy! But instead of just cutting a strip of fabric, I wanted there to be a finished edge instead of rough fabric that might unravel on the edges. Determine how thick you want your ankle strap, and cut your fabric double that width. This way, we can fold it in half and have enough fabric to fold those edges inside for a finished edge. Does that make sense? No? Well, here are some photos to explain (hehe!). I also added length my ankle strap so that I could fold the edges in so that they are smooth also. 

Perfect! A cute ankle strap! Now we need to add the eyelet hooks. Pretty self explanatory! Make sure you don't put them too far in or too close to the edge, you want them just right so that the ankle strap in the back sit just right. Otherwise you'll have some funky fabric overlay. Remember, you want your DIY projects to look professional, or else you can't wear them!

Almost done! Make the bow! You can really do this anyway you please. Try a classic bow tie or go for a more casual bow, similar to the Carven version. Then attach the bow to the ankle strap. 


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Thanks for reading! 


  1. they look amazing! love it. so cute.

  2. super cute!

  3. You are good with DIY! The shoe really looks good on you =)

  4. i am literally bow-crazy so this is just another great way to put more bows into my outfits haha...great tut! i need to try this out


  5. Yours look better than the designer ones! I love them!


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