labor day weekend

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kasil workshop shorts, Target shirt and hat
My labor day through the lens of a cellphone. Phones are so easy to share content do you all feel about posts woth photos from a phone?


  1. Phones take good quality photos nowadays so I don't mind them. It's an easy way to take your blog friends along on your adventures.
    What a beautiful beach!

  2. love the pictures! so jealous looks so peaceful!

    if you have a moment please check out my blog

  3. These photos look like such good quality--i was surprised to read that they're from a phone! I might have to try using my much easier than lugging a huge camera around! :)

  4. beautiful. these photos are top-notch quality :> x

  5. in the first pic it looks like the police are coming for you for bein too damn sexy oh snap


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