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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY clutch, Chicwish sunglasses and blouse, Zara heels, DIY skirt
Here is how I styled clutch number one! I fell in love with the color fabric that I lined the clutch with, so I went back to the store to snag another yard to make this skirt. This blouse is easily one of my new favorites. The cut at the bottom is flattering even when the shirt is un-tucked. I'm just glad that it was chilly enough to wear a long sleeve shirt!


  1. Whoa! You are definitely good at DIY! Salute! I suck at it.
    I like both your DIY skirt and clutch! Keep up the good work =)

  2. that shirt is adorable! I love the open shoulders!

  3. Wow!! Amazing skirt and clutch! The whole look is awesome as well!
    Can you please post the tutorial for the skirt DIY?


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