These Days x Sketch Street Skater Dress

Monday, November 26, 2012

These Days x Sketch Street dress (coming soon!), faux fur collar c/o Chicwish, H&M boots

I have to say, it feels pretty awesome to show you all the dress that I designed! You can't buy it quite yet, but rest assured that I will keep you posted of when you can! This dress is made out of a nice velvet, which you can dress up or down depending on the event. It's also lined, and that always makes a garment comfy. The velvet also makes it a great holiday dress! Thanks for reading~


  1. love this simple look!

  2. Love the dress..any idea when it will be available please? x

    1. i'm assuming two weeks or so? ill be sure to let you know as soon as i do :)

  3. Wow clever lady!
    I'm Lucy who works on Fashion Finder - LOVED this look! ;)
    Beautiful blog - glad I found you!

  4. FIRST that dress is simple beauty!
    SECOND is that you? If yes: OMGosh youre so pretty!!
    If not: OMGosh that person is so pretty!!

  5. you look divine!!

    kiss from Spain


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