diy pearl embellished beanie

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And here we have a new video! After making this video on my iPad I'm flirting more with the idea of diving into using a real video camera and more serious video editing software. I hope to make some more of these  during my winter break. I will say that I did make the most ghetto iPad tripod...not embarrassed to talk about it, definitely too embarrassed to show it. Anyways, this DIY is so simple that the video almost serves more as an inspiration (hopefully). I hope you all enjoy it!


  1. Very cute!! I love beanies. (:


  2. You're so cute



  3. very addicting. I started a few you tube channels just using their video editing software. One sewing, one fitness. :-). I just found your blog via the featured member profile on burdastyle. :-). Nice blog. Need all the tips I can get. It is time consuming--especially if you have to edit OR slice videos together, but so worth it. I'm self-taught and my plans are to learn more...just like you! :-)


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