the puffy jacket

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I have long pondered the idea of the puffy jacket. It's certainly functional with its purpose of keeping the body warm, but can they be fashionable? Is it possible to look "tres chic" and not like a garbage bag? The thought first crossed my mind when I saw Dara (here) in a somewhat puffy-esq jacket (Burberry Prorsum, Balmain? Not sure). I thought about it again when I was in H&M around the time of the MMM launch. Four or five brightly colored puffy jackets lined the wall and I wondered some more. "Should I go for the Michelin man look this winter?" Finally the answer was clear, and I exclaimed yes silently to myself.

Here are two from Asos that I love. Both are low on stock but I still like the shapes of them. 
Asos fur trim parka, bellfield padded jacket

Uniqlo jacket (similar), Gap leather tote, Rag & Bone boots, Target turtleneck, Paige pants
Check out this Uniqlo jacket, it comes in solid colors and a gingham print! Feel free to share your thoughts on the jackets & your favorites in the comment section~


  1. blue one looks sweet but this jacket is not my style :)

  2. the first parka is killing me! so cool. thanks for share.

  3. Love that blue color!

    xx MJ

  4. I think when it comes to really cold days, puffy jacket will do it's justice. Thank goodness these days they make puffy jacket looks good! I would definitely go for it =)


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