diy mesh tank top

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mesh seems to be all the rage right now, so it's a perfectly fitting DIY project especially now that it's spring! Soon before we know it summer will come and I have a feeling that mesh will still be around. 

Materials you will need aside of your basic sewing kit:
  • About 1 yard of mesh (depending on the size of your shirt)
  • Tracing paper (for the pattern), scissors and tape
  • Bias tape (I used wide single fold)
  • A tank top

Lay your tank top out on tracing paper. You can use normal paper if you'd like, but I like using the tracing paper. 

Trace the outline of your tank top onto the paper. You will need to do this twice, once for the front piece, and one for the back piece. See below!

I don't have pattern weights so I used thread this time around haha. Cut out your front & back pieces on your fabric! After you cut both pieces, sew the side seams and the shoulder seams. Test on some scrap fabric if you feel uncomfortable sewing the mesh. For myself, I found that using a zig-zag stitch worked best.

Here comes the finishing touch! Add the bias tape to the neckline and armholes, then iron. It gives it a really nice finish and people will be wondering where you got your mesh tank, and you can say that satisfying response that you made it. For $15. Yeah! I paired mine with a sports bra, but you could even sew in a pocket or add a solid strip of a fabric across a section. Happy sewing!


  1. Great idea! I'll definitely be making one to add to my summer wardrobe!

  2. I truly like your blog, is really inspiring. I was thinking about making something like this with lace...Greetings from Copenhagen :)


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