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Sunday, June 9, 2013

In this digital age of sharing, I realize that I'm not so great at the sharing portion of it. During the moments that could be captured for beautiful photos, I often forget to break out my cellphone or camera to snap the shot. But, I was able to make sure to get some photos this weekend!

I'm really excited to share with you photos of the bathing suit that I made because to be honest, I'm super proud of it! Although, it does feel a bit weird to be posting in a bathing suit. I couldn't find any online bathing suit patterns that were a retro style, so I went ahead and used this BurdaStyle lingerie pattern. I used swimsuit material and was sure to line it as well. For the bandeau top, I drafted my own pattern (which, if you all are interested I can make a video tutorial of how I did that).

Anyways, I was glad that I was able to showcase some of my DIY style over the weekend, and I hope you enjoyed this short photo diary!


  1. second picture and your swimsuit ♥♥ o my

  2. Such a beautiful pics !! ;-)


  3. Great pics! Your turquoise tank dress is so pretty, the colour is amazing! x

  4. Oh my gosh that bathing suit! I am so incredibly in love! I am in the middle of making myself a bathing suit and am mostly practicing right now but that's basically exactly what I'm shooting for in a two piece. I would LOVE if you could do a tutorial - and if you don't would you terribly mind just e-mailing me the "jist" of how you did the top? I would really appreciate it!

    Oh, and I'm so glad I found you blog - it's lovely!


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