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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Emma Jane is a local boutique here in San Diego, with now two locations. The first is located in Mission Hills, and the newest store is in La Jolla. I had a fun time going out and seeing the new store!

I absolutely love when a store is decorated as stylish as the clothes they carry...which I'm sure you all find as an added bonus as well. It always gets me thinking about how I would decorate my own place!

You can find some really neat jewelry mixed in with the clothes here!

Knitted sweaters! Fall, I know you will be here soon.

Leather top and knit skirt...yes....

Can you tell I love circle skirts?

But, my dearest readers, here we have the final piece that made me swipe my debit card. Is that a pink leather shell top? Yes. It is. Game over! I bought it immediately and cannot wait to wear this baby. This top is by Jennafer Grace, which I unfortunately read on the tag that it is "limited run 1 of 4 ever"........why??

Anyways, Emma Jane is for sure a store for you to check out! Thank you Holly for inviting me on down!

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