diy rhinestone necklace

Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY necklace

Lately I've been on a DIY-kick that involves using left over materials. This old Zara t-shirt fell victim to the scissors and well... it resulted in the rhinestones being removed for other uses. I also had some left over jewelry hooks that I wanted to use, and so I decided to make a necklace!! I have more rhinestones left over as well so maybe I can find something to do with them as well.

Step one: Always lay out your pieces first so you can find a pattern you like! Round up your materials. I used an old chain and some joining hoops. Use the hoops to create a place where the chain can attach to the rhinestones.

Step two: Typically these are used for earrings, but they were just long enough for me to attach the bottom rhinestones. I opened the closed end to slip it on, then used pliers to close the circle back together. The other end of these are not bent, so I bent them as well to attach to both sides.

Step three: Check your work! Like what you see? Slip the chain through the loops and wear! I noticed that after I got the necklace on the rhinestones moved around too much, so I took a large bobby-pin and super-glued it to the back. Since bobby-pins are so thin you can't see it behind the pieces of metal connecting the rhinestones. Simple enough, right? Happy DIY-ing!!

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