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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I love Halloween because I could easily get lost for hours just looking at costumes. For example, I spent a whole afternoon just looking at all the amazing costumes that Firefly Path has made. As crafty as I am I haven't made myself a Halloween costume before, so this year I'm going to make my own mermaid costume. Who doesn't want the excuse of wearing half pearls and sequins on their face? I know I do! In an effort to avoid spamming mermaid inspiration all over this blog and my tumblr, I started a mermaid inspiration board over at my Pinterest, so if you want to follow along you are welcome to!


  1. Ooo I definitely don't see too many mermaids during Halloween, can't wait to see your costume!

    Tessa and Scarlett

    1. thanks! i started the skirt last night so hopefully i can share it soon :)

  2. The first photo is stunning!

    xx MJ


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