wish i was wearing: low classic bag

Friday, October 11, 2013

While this bag has made the blog rounds before, I figured it deserved another share. It fits perfectly into the color scheme I am lusting after and it's structure doesn't hurt it either. At first glance I thought to myself how functional the pockets are. Sunglasses? Check. Cellphone? Check. Pencils & pens? We can all remember yesterday searching through our bags hoping to find one device to scribble with. The following thought process which occurs a split second later reminds you that the pockets are on the outside, which could potentially be problematic. But I seem to be overlooking that feature in the big picture, because I love this bag. Now if only it was a bit more accessible overseas...

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  1. This looks like such a practical bag and looks beautiful too. I love the bag with lots of pockets! Thank you so much for sharing my illustration on your Tumblr :) I'm so happy to hear you like them! Try to follow you via Tumblr too, but not sure how as I don't have Tumblr page.. Umm but I'll try again after this! xo akiko
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