sewing adventures: the plaid mini

Friday, November 8, 2013

Zara turtleneck (similar), DIY skirt, Target boots

When I realized I had unintentionally spent a lot of money on this fabric, it was too late. The scissors had already sliced through and there I was purchasing some expensive fabric. One of the aspects that I love about at home sewing is saving money and recreating trends in my price range. Because of this, the lovely red plaid fabric lay flat in my room for sometime. If I was going to make this skirt, I wanted it to be as perfect as I could get it. 

I've finally made some progress in the zipper world, I finally don't have trouble with them and the back of the skirt lays flat! It's also lined and has a blind hem. The pattern is from BurdaStyle (my favorite, as you know!)...get it here!


  1. This is so effortlessly gorgeous! I love your skirt and I have the same turtleneck!


  2. I absolutely love your outfit, simple and chic! The skirt is gorgeous, well done! Wish I could sew:)

    1. it's so easy! you should's a very rewarding hobby!

  3. The skirt is perfect! Love the entire outfit. Feels a bit 90's, with the turtleneck and the plaid pattern. =D

  4. Amazing- just came across your blog and I love how it's a diy blog with all sorts of amazing outfits! <33 new follower! xx

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  5. oh my gosh! your style is perfect and the photos are stunning!!
    such a beautiful outfit, love it!

    Emma xx


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