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Friday, December 27, 2013

Yes, these are selfies I took in my room before I shot yesterdays blog post. If you are thinking that I'm a weirdo, just remember that I don't believe you when you say that you haven't done the same. Either way, lets talk about glitter. Specifically for your eyes. I'm not a makeup artist but I can tell you what things work for me and what I like. 

As a girl, I will always have a special love for glitter so I love to use it anytime I can. I had been searching for at home remedies to wearing loose glitter as eye shadow and wasn't getting the best results. Vaseline? Too....sticky, lots of creasing. Putting the the glitter directly onto the lid was just okay. So, I began to do some research. The internet seems to rant and rave about Urban Decays eye primer, but the person at Ulta recommended Too Faced instead. I'm generally pretty weary of expensive makeup but figured I would give this one a go. I'm pretty satisfied with the results! I was worried that you would have to use a lot of the primer, thus making the tiny tube it comes it drain quickly. I used the smallest amount possible...half the size of a Tictac (maybe less?), and the glitter stuck like magic (or glue). I prefer magic in this comparison. 


  1. That looks festive! Loving the gold glitter for the holidays

  2. very beautiful, would be perfect for a new year's look ♥

    xox Style Prosciutto


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