knitting a beanie on straight needles

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DIY beanie, knitted on straight needles, size US17, Patons Cobbles yarn in super bulky weight 6; color moon rock

Happy 2014! Did you all have a great new years eve? Mine was very low key and I decided to make a beanie. This knitted hat was my last DIY project for 2013. Beanies are typically knitted on circular needles but I wanted to give straight needles a try. I often browse the Lion Yarn site for free patterns and I decided to use their technique for beanies with straight needles. I have to say, I love the result! 

I used size US17 needles and a super bulky weight yarn. Cast on enough stitches to go around your head. With my yarn and needles, I did about 40 stitches but you will need to check your gauge with your yarn. Then just knit until it is long enough to cover your head. Bind off with a very long tail of yarn. Along the edge of where you bind off, weave the long tail in and pull to gather. This creates the top of the beanie. Then use the remaining tail to stitch the side seams together. Pretty easy right? With such big yarn and needles this project takes no time. Happy knitting :)

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  1. Oh, I like this hat!!
    Did you just knit one row and purl the next?
    And did you fold over to make a brim? I can't quite see how you did the brim.


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