diy leather tote tutorial

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Anddd here we have the video!!! Woooo!! A special thanks to Benncart for letting me use his music, so if you like the song make sure you check his page out. I hope that I can get to making more of these videos...the end result is just too fun.

Some additional info: Leather needles are useful! I also bought 2 yards for this project and didn't need all of it. Straps can be long, so just be sure to account for that. If you have any questions please let me know.

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  1. OOh, love this bag! Off to watch the video now. I might give this one a go x

  2. awesome! Any tips for the sewing of leather? Needle? Stitch-length? Thread?

    1. Hi! Suggestions... take your time and ask these kinds of questions. Sewing stores will sell leather needles, so use those and not your normal machine needles. Sewing leather like the pros do requires a lot. They even have special thread that you can melt so that it doesn't break!! I think stitch-length is better if it isn't on the short side, but you don't want to do something crazy long either. Sew some tests first and see what works best for your leather. Also, leather comes in different sizes in terms of weight (thickness) so that will need to be factored in. The most important step here is to sew some test pieces. Also, you will want more of a sturdy sewing machine because you need a machine that is strong enough to feed through leather.
      Feel free to ask more questions!!

  3. hey!!! What sewing machine to you use for leather projects? I am having such a hard time doing anything with my Bernina...rrr...i just dont get it. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for making this so simple to follow. I am making one for my sister.


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