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Monday, September 29, 2014

Being in San Diego means I'm eternally stuck in summer but today, let's dream about fall with one of my favorite eye-wear brands, Warby Parker. And you guessed it, they have recently launched their fall collection. I picked out a few of my favorite pairs from the fall line and put some outfits together around them! Also, all the plus signs you see on the images will link you to shop if you are interested!

First up is Annette! This pair might take first in my favorites because the shape is so different than any of the frames that I have. The color is pretty great as well. Long cardigans are in for fall so I thought it would pair well with the mood here. Olive is also my favorite color this fall. Oh yes and we can't forget turtlenecks. I wish I could wear one right now!!

Crane Ti in an awesome color way here. Warby Parker frames are unisex so I thought I'd go with the boyish vibe here. Loafers are another favorite of mine simply because they are comfortable and fashionable. I imagine this with hair tied back and bright lipstick. Anytime I'm wearing my frames out I really like to put my hair back because then the frames can take the stage.

I paired the Greenleaf  here with a lighter color pallet. I know it's fall and all but crisp bright colors are always fun too. Plus, you can't wear the same color scheme everyday so mix it up with white and grey. I was always worried about purchasing tortoise shell glasses because I wasn't sure they would pair well with every outfit. I was wrong, they go with everything.

And lastly we have the Coley. I love outfits like this one because all you have to do to change the vibe is switch out shoes. Pair with boots or heels and you could go out to dinner! Switch out the back for your backpack and you are ready for class (plus, your frames will make you look extra smart!) The hat is also good for a bad hair day.

And there you have it! Fun, right? Four outfits for four different pairs of glasses from Warby Parker. Hope you enjoyed it!!

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