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Monday, February 23, 2015

When I read Honestly WTF's latest paper DIY, I truly thought WTF. Can this technique be applied to clothing?? So I set out on my latest DIY and thought it would be perfect for a bralette! The shaving cream marbling method has been around for awhile, and it also appears to be the easiest.

Tutorial below the break!

Bralette (DIY one like this with solid cups or buy one like I did!)
Shaving Cream
Fabric Dye

Step One: You can DIY your own bra like I did here. The only difference is that you need to use a solid stretch fabric versus lace, and you will need to dye the fabric triangle before you sew it all together. I bought a little frilly lingerie set from Burlington Coat Factory because it was $9.99 and I thought it was super pretty! My first step here was separating the body from the bra.

Here you can see what the bra portion looks like all on its own. I took off the little bow and saved it just in case I wanted to sew it back on later.

Step Two: The marbling will only show well on solid fabrics. I cut two pieces of stretch fabric that were bigger than the triangles on the base bra. Time to start marbling!

Step Three: Take your pan and fill it with shaving cream. This will only work with cream and not gel. Begin to fill your pan with shaving cream and after that add your dye. You can start mixing the cream and the dye with your spatula. Don't over mix because you will end up with a solid color. You want to see the marbled colors in the shaving cream. 

Step Four: Now that you have your marbling ready, take the first triangle and lay it on top of the cream. Lay it evenly and lightly tap. After a few seconds lift it out of the cream and set down on a protected surface. Repeat this for the second triangle. Add more cream and dye if you can't see much color.

Step Five: Take an object that you can use as a squeegee and take the shaving cream off the top of the fabric. Be careful while you do this as to not mess up the design. Let the fabric pieces dry.

Step Six: After your fabric has dried, you can use your iron to set the design. I have read online that people suggest doing this in a well ventilated area. Be cautions of fumes! After you have ironed them, you can go ahead and test wash your fabric squares if you'd like. I recommend hand wash and with no other items just to make sure the color doesn't run.

Step Seven: Now you can take your triangles and sew them to the bra using a zig zag stitch. I placed them behind the tulle to see if I wanted to keep it or not. If you have a bralette like mine, after you sew the new triangles on if you don't like the tulle you can just cut it out

And now you have your final product! I would recommend being careful with washing it. I haven't used fabric dye before so I'm not sure how much it will run and bleed with other fabrics so just be careful for the time being. Happy marbling!

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