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Thursday, February 12, 2015

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NYFW may barely be underway but I can already tell you that the Frame Denim presentation will be a favorite of mine this round. Inspired by the 70's, paired with the perfect color palette for fall. I need that navy number with the boots! Also for you ladies who like a more minimal makeup and hair look, the Frame Denim team embraced that for you. But do remember, it does take some effort to recreate this look as well. Don't let the models fool you into thinking they woke up like this!

Go simple with a blow dry, not too flat but nothing too big with the round brush. Use a tinted moisturizer for the face and one shade darker than your skin tone for eye shadow. If you want to try some contouring, also use only one shade darker than your skin. Then just do some simple mascara, a slightly bolder brow and some lip balm.


  1. Wow, I'm completely smitten by the first two outfits. I adore them!
    xoxo, Debby



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