del mar

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Reformation dress (similar), Zara boots

If you thought I would put this dress away because the warmer months are upon us, you were wrong. The mock turtleneck and long sleeves may be winter like qualities, but the mini factor of this dress keeps it from hiding in the depths of my closet. Sure, it leads to some stares from the Del Mar beach scene (who are clad in bathing suits), but hey lets not judge! I'm just continuing my quest of never dressing appropriately for the weather.


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  2. Jade, you look super elegant!
    Here in Montreal we also having quite a cold summer. Actually I enjoy it because it allows me to wear layers :)

    Why Buy? DIY!

    1. Thank you!! A cold summer? I'm too spoiled here, can't imagine it. But I can imagine the least those are fun!


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