diy suede shorts

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer time sewing is a favorite hobby of mine. Warmer months means projects that require less fabric which makes these shorts perfect for left over fabric. I used the same tutorial for these shorts (28,000 views, wahhhh!) with one modification. This suede fabric doesn't have stretch to it, so when you first cut your pattern pieces you have to make sure the pattern is wide enough to fit around the hips. Suede is very in right now, going strong with the 70's themed trend everywhere. I didn't feel like investing a lot of money into such a trendy fabric so this 30 minute DIY was just what I needed!

Also, tomorrow I'm leaving for a week to Telluride, Colorado so make sure to check my instagram or add me on Snapchat (jaderselise) for updates! 


  1. The DIY suede shorts are a cool idea ;) I will try to make them... Wish me good luck, I am not good at sewing :S

    1. Best of luck!! Make the shorts out of test fabric before the real stuff, it will save you a headache & money.


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