diy maxi dress to layered tube top

Thursday, July 9, 2015

DIY Top, ASOS pants, Zara boots

Okay, so I pretty much use this technique on everything. Shorts, gathered skirts...this time around I used it again for this top! Just make an elastic casing and you can transform a tube of fabric into a ton of different items. The fun factor of this top is the double layers. I bought a dress very similar to this one from Forever 21, but it was just too formal. Now I have a summery top. Steps are below! At the bottom of this post, I have linked to some dresses that are good examples. So look through that closet and see what you can transform! 

Double Layer Tube Top
  1. Take the maxi dress & cut the length of the dress. You want to keep the fabric in its tube shape. The dress should also be wider than your measurement, this is what gives you the flow factor. Try to avoid slits but if you can't, sew them up!
  2. For the double layer, you can either cut two tubes or if the dress is lined, use the lining. I used the lining of the dress for my double layer.
  3. Make one of the tubes of fabric slightly shorter than the other.
  4. Baste the two pieces of fabric together at the top, making sure the shorter layer is on the outside.
  5. Fold the top of the fabric to the inside and stitch leaving a two inch opening.
  6. Feed elastic through with safety pin.
  7. Close opening & wear!


  1. Jade, your top looks awesome ! Love how you pared it with the black jeans and boots, looks super chic!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Why Buy? DIY!


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