the silk skinny scarf

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DIY scarf, StyleSaint Top, Zara jeans

I ordered some beautiful navy silk fabric from Mood not too long ago. I had a beautiful silk slip dress in mind but I've been putting it off. It breaks my heart how difficult it is to work with this fabric!! So beautiful but such a nightmare. Clearly it's my lack of experience that has put my in this predicament. I decided since the silk skinny scarf is in, I would get some practice with the fabric by making a skinny scarf. So small but still just as frustrating. Press it all you want. Creases you want to stay will not, and creases you want gone will stay. Pesky silk. I think I'll come back to you later.


  1. Looking so cute! Skinny scarves are so IN right now. :)

    1. i know huh! i think i want one a little thicker...

  2. I think it looks great! Wish I was even half as talented as you are at putting things together from scratch x

  3. I love the outfit! So pretty:)


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