upcoming sewing project: a-line skirt

Saturday, October 24, 2015

After going through my closet and donating three huge trash bags of clothing, I am starting to see what pieces I need in my wardrobe. And while I feel like I need something of everything (leather pants, a perfect hat, a perfect turtleneck) I think what I truly need is the perfect a-line skirt. I'm always reaching into my drawer to find one but never do! So it's time to make one. 

I've thought about what I really want with this skirt. Black, of course, because it goes with everything. Waist band? No. I think I prefer one that is simple. If the black one goes well I will venture into other colors. Above you can see my mood board for this project. It also must be high waisted and not too short. Some of the skirts above aren't quite a-line but you get the idea.

I used this sewing pattern (which you can see here), which I might use again with some slight modifications. The other option here is to draft my own, which there are a lot of tutorials on the net for this. And if all else fails...I will just buy one. 

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