the a-line skirt

Monday, November 9, 2015


Zara top, DIY skirt, Forever 21 boots

Okay, so this skirt is very basic and plain but just what I needed. I picked up some fabric from Joanns, not my favorite but close by. I ended up drafting my own pattern for this skirt because I felt like I could use the practice. Drafting your own a-line skirt doesn't involve much. You need four measurements. The length of the skirt, the waist measurement, hip measurement, and waist to hip measurement. I picked a fabric that doesn't have stretch, so I added a little to the hip measurement to account for ease. 

After I cut the skirt out I decided that I would add a lining. Once you line one garment you feel like you have to line every single one. Lining is a nice option, especially if you don't want a waist band, because it nicely tucks away the raw edge on the top of the skirt. I had some bright blue fabric laying around, and since the black fabric is opaque I went with it. Translation, I didn't want to go back to the store. After trying the skirt on, and before inserting my zipper, I added some darts. I don't know much about this so they aren't the best but they get the job done.

The skirt also features a side zipper and a blind hem. To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about the blind hem. Yes, it's nice to not see a seam but at the same time I felt it added unnecessary bulk. I think a facing for the hem would have been much better. There is always next time!


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