wool mini flounce skirt

Monday, December 7, 2015


The mini flounce skirt. I've been eyeing it for a bit and I finally whipped it up the other night. This style is quite popular, everyone from Nasty Gal (on sale!), Forever 21, to TopShop have all had their own versions at some point.

I decided that I wanted to wear it for Thanksgiving, and naturally started sewing it the evening before at about 4 or 5 pm. Haaaaah. When I finished the skirt, I figured it would be too cold for me to wear anyways so the morning of I slipped on jeans and a sweater. Oh well.

Since I was pressed for time, I skipped on the interfacing. I just felt that the wool didn't need it. It probably did. I also forgot how expensive 100% wool is. Joann's had one bolt of wool, and it was on sale for $20 a yard so I reallllly didn't want to mess this one up.

I had to do some adjusting with the measurements. I don't fit the typical ratio from waist to hip, so I went with the larger size so that it would fit the hip and just tightened the top so it fit my waist. I was nervous but I winged it and it all turned out alright. I also made the skirt shorter because since it sits so high on the waist, it swallowed me whole.

It's actually better that I didn't wear it on Thanksgiving because that gave me time to think about how I wanted to hem this. I love a blind hem, but wool is thick and I really didn't want a bulky looking hem. I considered the bias tape method, a blind hem (which to me, never looks blind), and creating a facing. I really wish this fabric was more affordable because I would have just gone with a facing and tacked it inside. I hate hand sewing. But I did it anyways and so here we are! I'm not 100% pleased because even though the stitching is not visible, you can still see where the hem is.

Either way this sewed up fairly quickly and I would love to make more! I still really want a navy one, also a white one, but I've got a couple more projects on the books before that can happen. 


  1. I like how you have styled it, it looks very sleek. Did you do an exposed zip?

    allie J. | alliemjackson.com

    1. thanks! it's an invisible zipper but I couldn't find my invisible zipper foot so thats why you can see the zipper a little more than usual haaaaah :)

  2. Great job! What pattern did you use? One hem finishing technique I like is to serge the bottom of your hem all the way around. Then use fusible hem tape to press your hem in place. It bonds together and holds up through the washing machine. Plus, it's completely invisible and not bulky.

    1. Thanks! I used the pattern linked above! The link is under the first photo :) It's by BurdaStyle, the mini flounce skirt. I almost did that method, I serged the bottom but instead of the tape I did a hand invisible stitch! I'm so scared to use tape!! I'm always worried its not going to stay haha. Maybe I will give it a try :) Less bulk sounds great. Thank you for your suggestion!


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