Sunday, January 3, 2016

En route to Amsterdam from Rome

After taking so many photos in Rome, I fell off the wagon a bit in Amsterdam. I came to this city with nothing particular in mind, and was excited to just walk around the city without a specific plan. The basic bones were there though, hit this museum and another, just keep it relaxed. 

The Stedelijk Museum

What a scenic city. Beautiful people & canals everywhere. If you happen to be in Amsterdam around the new year, be prepared to hear fireworks every day. I've never heard so many in my life! When the clock finally hit midnight, it was fireworks in every direction, for what I assume was a solid hour. And that's a conservative assumption. Every corner you turn, someone is setting off fireworks outside their apartment or business. 

While I didn't grab any photos of it, one of my favorite spots that we visited was FoodHallen. Very hip place. Not sure what kind of food you are in the mood for? No problem, because FoodHallen has an impressive amount of different options. It's warm, has a couple bars, great street food, and live music when we were there.

Flowers & Food from Ten Katemarkt

We didn't know this but once we got settled in to our AirBnb, there was a market that is open everyday except Sundays. The market, Ten Katemarkt, has everything from food (the real highlight), tech gadgets, to bolts of fabric and elastic. 

The Darling Sweatshirt

Lastly I share with you a cute store that I found while browsing the streets. I did make a pitstop in Cos, which was having a great sale, but didn't see anything that really caught my eye. I'm glad I kept going because I found The Darling, I grabbed a hat & a sweatshirt.

I am writing this all to you from Paris, where it is rainy but still beautiful. Let's hope I can remember to take some photos for this corner of the internet.


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