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Friday, February 26, 2016

Now that I have completed this bomber jacket, I'm tempted to make one in every color. I need a pink, olive green, black, black with patches, another pink, etc. You get the point. I picked up this silk from Joanns and I really like it. Wasn't too expensive and has some weight to it which was really important for this jacket. I've never sewn raglan sleeves before. I ran into an issue with the sleeves turning a bit inwards at the bottom, so I keep the sleeves up so that you can't tell.

For the ribbing I stopped by Beverly's in Clairemont which is pretty cute. There wasn't a lot of ribbing selections at either store. I think next time around I would like a thicker ribbing that has more stretch. I had to improvise for the bottom band because the fabric I got didn't stretch enough for the length. I had just enough fabric to cut an extra piece. Whewww!

This pattern is actually a BurdaEasy pattern, which I have never tried before. It included photos explaining each step, so I feel I can safely recommend trying a BurdaEasy pattern if that is what you are looking for! Perfect for a beginner. 


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