pink velvet

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ohhh Lulu Sarah Longline Bra
Pink Velvet Fabric
Fold Over Elastic
Rose Gold Hoops & Sliders

When you buy 6 yards of velvet, you start to dream of what wonderful things you can sew. As you wait for it to arrive, you begin rounding up project ideas. Finally, when your 6 yards arrive you think to yourself, "Um. This is a lot of fabric. Why did I buy 6 yards of pink velvet."

I'm finally beginning to wind down through the first 3 yards. Most of it became muslin, random pattern testing. I actually used it to test the off the shoulder DIY. I know, I should save it but honestly, when I know that I have fabric just sitting in the bin it drives me crazy. I have to use it for something! And so here we have another Sarah bra. It's so gorgeous in pink velvet! I'm very thrilled. And you know me, gotta love a fast & little fabric required project.

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