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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sharing some behind the scenes photos today! I suppose we will start from the top left corner.

1. This was the pattern test for a romper that I never finished. I really should. I wonder where I put the pattern pieces to this? It was important to have the back piece fit just right because if it is too loose it hangs too far from the body. If it is too tight, it hugs the butt in weird ways that you do not like.

2. This was an apron that I was pattern testing after I saw little baby aprons at a boutique store. They were pretty pricey but also very cute. It's fun to make tiny little projects like this one, good to mix things up a bit.

3. I used pink velvet to test the pattern for my Off The Shoulder DIY, which was pretty cute and all but um, also just not right. Velvet is kind of a pain to hem, otherwise I would have just went with this pink version haha. As you can see, the original fold over portion flared out too much at the bottom, so I made sure to avoid doing so on the real deal.

4. And lastly we have a shot here of my blouse before the buttons got put on. I had just put the bias tape on the front after cutting the fabric the wrong way. Sad sad sad.

I really should take cuter progress photos but I don't have the cutest "studio" space to work in. It also has horrible lighting, but nothing a brightness filter couldn't fix.

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