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Friday, May 27, 2016

Ringo Bell Top (c/o of Tobi)
Zara Jeans
H&M Boots

A few weeks ago my cousin introduced me to a site called Tobi. Cute site, bookmarked, and figured that when I decided to take myself off of a budget that I would try it out. Then a couple weeks after that Tobi reached out to me to collaborate. What are the chances ha! I haven't said yes to a lot of clothing collaborations lately and I thought, why not? Give myself some cute content to blog with, and try out a site at the same time. I'll be working with Tobi to bring you three looks.

First impression is that everything I have been sent is of good quality. Can't quite comment on the longevity (only time will tell) but the future looks bright. My only suggestion is to check the measurement size on everything. I typically buy a size small for dresses and tops, but got this one in a medium. Tobi carries their own brand and some others so just check the sizing!

Went very casual with look number 1. Why? Well as fun as it is to put together a fancy outfit and blog, it's more fun to wear an outfit that is actually comfortable and easy to wear. Plus, the next two looks are a little more dressy. I feel like this bell top was calling for denim. It was a little chilly (for this SoCal native) otherwise I think I would have gone for a denim short. I'll be back soon with the next look!

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  1. I love your white Crop Tops! it does looks good. and matched jeans are look simple and comfortable.
    but i also find a good site for you.maybe you can have a look.


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