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Friday, June 10, 2016

Zara Top | $49.50
DIY | ~$20.00

Cotton Fabric | About 1.5 yards depending on length of shirt
Elastic | 1.5 yards depending on width of body

I was in Zara the other day when I noticed a cute top that was exactly the same as one of my DIYs! There is a modification that I'm going to show you today using this tutorial.

Pretty simple right? Perfect for the summer time at the beach when you want to throw something over a bathing suit top. I promise I will do a DIY that isn't off the shoulder soon!! I just need to come up with something...


  1. Thanks, this is great! Top is lovely and looks quite simple to make. Now I just need to find a cute fabric.

  2. Such an innovative idea. Thumbs up! If you like, you can also check my blog for some cool dressing hacks.


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