recently bought: underwire bra kit

Monday, July 11, 2016

Spoiler alert of what is soon to come on this blog! I've been eyeing some Tailor Made Shoppe bra kits for awhile. Not just your soft bra, but an underwire type. Shivers. I know, I'm scared too. But the kits are just so pretty that I decided I just need to go for it. I'll be using the Marlborough Bra by Orange Lingerie, which fits this bra kit. PS the kit does not come with the actual underwire. Wish I would have realized that (insert monkey emoji covering eyes)...

Look at the pretty little detail on this elastic!! I love buying kits. As much as I enjoy sourcing my own fabric selections, I either end up buying way too much or too little, even with the pattern supplies in front of my eyeballs. I know, there is no in between. I bought my first bra kit from Arte Crafts to make my Sierra bra and wow I loved it. All that is left now is to purchase the pattern & grab some underwire. Fingers crossed!

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