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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Navy Swim Fabric
Kwik Sew 2962

If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen a little sneak peak of this suit. I mentioned in a previous post about wanting to make this suit again (last version was pink) and I'm glad I did! This navy is classic and now it has me really wanting to do something fun. Some sort of patterned fabric, or trim...I don't really know yet. 

A couple changes to this pattern this time around. Again, I lined the whole suit. This pattern only calls to line the crotch and the chest but this fabric was too thin to just line those two sections. I don't exactly have a large chest, so I didn't find the need to keep the gathering around the chest area. With a smaller chest to not pull that section out,  I found the gathering looked a little like a mistake. I also didn't follow the elastic measurements for the leg openings. At first I did and it looked horrendous and messy. I took the elastic out and recut with elastic only a little bit shorter than the leg opening, slightly stretching the portion that goes around the backside. This worked and resulted in a much neater looking edge!

I still love this suit as much as I did the first time I saw it. The deep scooped out back portion is my favorite! Lets hope for a fun print next time~


  1. So simple yet so sexy!! This swimsuit is goals ��

  2. Hey Jade! Suit looks great :) very sleek and feminine

  3. So lovely and well fitted - as an aside - I do hope you get those moles checked regularly as I have just had some skin cancers cut out. X Sam the Aussie

    1. Thank you! I promise I will go get it checked out! They haven't changed color or shape but I should just get it removed anyways. Hope you are okay!


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