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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Marlborough Bra Pattern
Tailor Made Shop bra finding kit

Another one! I need to find another way to photograph these bras for you. Anyone got a spare warehouse with industrial windows and concrete floors? No, okay fine. This bra (as you already know) sews up so fast.

I'm going to experiment and make the next bra one size up and just see what happens. The size I'm making now fits but I think it will be a little better just one cup size up. Bras are so satisfying to make!! This version doesn't feel as neat as the last and I think it's because this black fabric doesn't have enough stretch. I had some issues with the right wire channel and I think I just messed up somewhere haha. Just being honest! As you can see in the photos it sticks up a little bit, but I still think it is very pretty.

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