plaid archer by grainline studio

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

While this outfit is in contrast to my last post (it's a work in progress) I'm obsessed with the Archer Sewing pattern. This pattern is everywhere with good reason. Just like the Alder dress there is a sew-along which I absolutely love! Keeps me right on track & makes sure that I don't skip any important steps.

I followed the sew along, only skipping the top stitching and switched the way the band comes across. I skipped top stitching because this flannel doesn't need it. Instead of having the right band come on top (which is standard for women's clothing), the left band comes in front because it looked much neater. I've never matched plaids before and somewhat forgot about it when cutting the right button band. 

I love this pattern and will be making more. I went a size up to have more of a boyfriend feel. I saw a few at Madewell and that's what inspired me to finally take the plunge and sew this pattern. Hopefully I will be able to blog in my taupe version soon!


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