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Monday, December 19, 2016

hagen salme a-line skirt
hagen salme a-line skirt
hagen salme a-line skirt

Over the weekend I went downtown with my friend Paulina from Lil Bits Of Chic to shoot some blog photos! Trying to branch out in locations to add some variety to this blog. A quick stop for coffee and a stroll around downtown? Sounds good to me. However, this spoiled San Diegan was freezing in the low 50 degree weather (brrrrrr)~ The two of us made it work and you can see the blog photos I took for her on this blog post!

I'm always on the hunt for an a-line skirt. While this skirt is close to the a-line that I drafted quite some time ago, it's shape is just a little bit more refined. The pattern has two options for pockets that I ended up going without, but I'm dreaming up another skirt as we speak featuring more detail than this version. Contemplating making the next iteration an inch or two higher on the waist.

On the Salme blog there is a sew along which I always enjoy. The pattern instructions were in a different order, so just make sure you stick with one or the other when sewing. I cut my facings wrong so I had to go without them but the skirt still fit great without them!

I ordered the materials for this project from Mood & I'm very happy that I did. The main fabric is a moss/off-white solid tweed with a terracotta lining. The lining is my favorite! My next version with pockets may have to be in terracotta...

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