silver charmeuse marlborough

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I have been dying to make this bra in a charmeuse fabric and bought one of the new kits that Tailor Made Shop put up recently. Duoplex was an alright experience, I simply just do not love the fabric as much as this charmeuse. I also found the charmeuse an easier fabric to work with over duoplex and find the fit of this bra better than the duoplex. Don't worry, I have two new sewing patterns that I'm going to use to mix up the content here as well as a new DIY tutorial. I even have the fabric purchased so hopefully that will be up soon!

I never knew that I would enjoy bra making so much. I feel ready to venture into the Boylston bra next, which requires some foam (eeeek!). Before that happens, I would love to try the Alexandria Peg Trousers. Definitely a staple missing from my current wardrobe. Just need to find the perfect black fabric...


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