modified ohhh lulu sarah bralette

Friday, March 17, 2017

Two things I love that are sewing related. 1. Quick projects & 2. Projects that use left over fabric. So I decided that a modified longline Sarah bralette from Ohhh Lulu was in order. Changes to the pattern...

1. Increased length of cups & back band for lace edge.
2. Removed lower band, which was replaced with a band of elastic to create ruffled edge.
3. Omitted fold over elastic, replaced with picot. 
4. Instead of using serger on seams, seams were turned to one side and topstitched.

My topstitching was too tight & not the proper length...wasn't paying attention. The damage was already done and I didn't want to pick it out and end up ruining the lace so I just left it. Other than that so happy how this one turned out!

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