StyleArc Blaire Blouse in Rayon Linen Voile

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Finally sewed up a new Blaire blouse!! It's such an easy pattern, I'm really a big fan of it and you should be too. Very much fits the Madewell/Everlane aesthetic. I had originally planned this fabric for another DIY project but found it more suitable for a blouse. I've never worked with a linen voile before, and it was super easy to sew with (as expected). I was also very excited to put in an order with Blackbird Fabrics, happy to report it was a great experience! 

Something that has been bothering me with collars... Somehow, the neckline with the button band always ends up being way too wide for the collar and collar stand. This has occurred with my Grainline Archer blouses as well as this one. My patterns are to scale so I'm not sure how this has happened all four times. Which leads me to believe that it's something I'm doing but I just can't figure it out. The only thing I could think of would be either the fabric shifting resulting in a larger cut or something to do with grain lines but I checked them before cutting. Is there a step I am missing?? Anyways, to get around this I just add a pleat on the back which you can see in the final photo. Oh well, it will be fine for now.


  1. Simple and cute combo!

  2. This is lovely - do you staystitch the neckline to prevent it stretching? That can help....


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